How the US Dollar Changed Between 1800-2009

In 1800-2009 dollar showed a lot of changes.Start with the value of the us dollar in year 1800. this chart tracks relat ive value of the dollar with $1 in 1800 as its baseline.

After the war during 1812, the next 35 years of relative peace saw a period of unprecedented growth in production and as a result a currency which had more than doubled in purchasing power by 1850.

From 1861 to 1865, the united states civil war occured. Both sides financed much of their efforts by printing new money. A return to lower taxes and the gold standard fueled futher economic growth and resulted in 40 years of improved purchasing power returning all the pre-civil war gains by 1900.

While in 1913, the third central bank of the united states is created.Between 1917 and 1920, the fed added roughly $15 billion to the money supply. In 1920-1923, the money supply remains somewhat static. While in 1929, the federal reserve created bubble collapses.And in 1946-2009 the money supply has been increased to 5,938% to $8,235,900,000,000.

US Dollar 1800-2009

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