Common Password Thoughts

The Internet is a useful new tool that can help you do almost anything: find love, bank, find a job, go to awesome infographic websites, ect. With all these things available online, so are the scammers and hackers that try to get your information

Everyone has a different method to their own maddness when it comes to making up passwords. Unfortunately, the same logic you use to make the passwords are the ones that hackers and scammers use as well. For example, you may think you are slick if you use your son’s age and name for a password; no one can find that out right? Wrong! That is one of the most commonly used passwords, along with favorite hobbies, favorite songs, and favorite keyboard patterns. Another fatal mistake is using a master password, or the same password for all your accounts. That’s just asking for trouble!

Thanks to AntiScamNews for the infographic, and I hope to see more from them!


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