The Most Popular Internet Content Management Systems

Ever wondered which content management systems are preferred by hosting users around the world?
Did you know which CMS are slowly fading away and ones that are leading?

There is an astounding 7.5+ million websites using Wordpres at the moment. 16.43% are using it for buisnesses, while a little over 10% use it for socializing and technology. Drupal has about 500,000 websites using that content management system. Joomla has about 1.8 million websites under its belt. It seems that migration to WordPress is a fad that will not stop. 26.51% of Joomla users migrate to WordPress each year, while 16% of all Drupal users migrate, and 11% of users migrate. Males seem to dominate social media by a rough estimate of 10% more than women. Facebook users are 60% male and 40% female, while Google+ users are 63% male and 37% female.


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