Red Giant Stars Explained

A red monster is an iridescent monster star of level or halfway mass (harshly 0.5–10 sun oriented masses) in a late stage of stellar development. The external environment is swelled and tenuous, making the span monstrous and the surface temperature flat, an as yet undisclosed place from 5,000 K and easier. The manifestation of the red monster is from yellow orange to red, incorporating the unearthly sorts K and M, in any case in addition class S stars and most carbon stars.

The most normal red goliaths are the supposed red monster limb stars (RGB stars) whose shells are still combining hydrogen into helium, while the heart is latent helium. An additional instance of red titans are the asymptotic titan extension stars (AGB) that handle carbon from helium by the triple-alpha process. To the AGB stars have a place the carbon stars of sort C-N and late C-R.

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