The J-2 Engine

The J-2 was a liquid-fuel cryogenic rocket engine applied to NASA’S Jovian planet IB as well as Saturn Sixth is / release autos. Integrated the United States of America simply by simply Rocket dyne, the particular J-2 burned cryogenic liquid H & liquid oxygen propellants, along together using each and every power plant producing 1,033.1 kN (232,250 lbf) associated with pushed throughout hover. Continuing growth of the power plant started inside 60s,with the very initial flight, AS-201, happening in 26 Feb 1966.

The actual J-2have a number of modest improvements over it’s in business background to improve the motor’s functionality, having two major update applications, the actual Delaware Laval nozzle-type J-2S as well as aero spike-type J-2T,becoming baulked following your bottom line from the Apollo program.


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