The Solar System: Explained in One Page

The Solar System comprises of the Sun and it is planetary framework of eight planets, their moons, and different non-stellar protests. It framed more or less 4.6 billion years back from the crumple of a titan atomic fog. 

The boundless larger part of the framework’s mass is in the Sun, with the vast majority of the remaining mass held in the planets. The four more minor inward planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, in addition called the physical planets, are fundamentally made out of rock and metal. The four external planets, called the gas titans, are considerably more great than the terrestrials. The two most substantial, Jupiter and Saturn, are made chiefly out of hydrogen and helium; the two peripheral planets, Uranus and Neptune, are made expansively out of frosts, for example water, alkali and methane. 

Solar System

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