How to Land an old-school 180 Kickflip !

The Kickflip is a skateboarding trick where the rider ollies and kicks his/her foot out and flips the sheet 360 degrees in its long hub with his/her toes, permits the sheet to turn the greater part of the route around, then after that gets it and grounds.

To perform a kickflip, the rider ollies into the air, and lifts the back foot from the sheet while at the same time sliding the front foot off the skateboard cornerwise advance and towards the heel of the foot.

The steps to be followed are:

1. Squat down to gather momentum.

2. Leap up, using your back foot to kick the board into a sick spin.

3. Bring both feeth above the board as it turns. Keep your eyes on the board.

4. Stick the landing with your front foot over the front truck and your back foot on the tail.

180 Kickflip

180 Kickflip

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