How to Tip

The money was made from one cow. Cow weigh 1,100lbs before slaughtering. 500lbs are edible so 112lbs of this is used for hamburgers.This equates to roughly 450 quarter pounders.

The cow was cost $600 but the average price for a McDonals quarter pounder is $3.45.So if we multiply $3.45 x 450 (in one cow) total is $1552.5.

Last 2005 McDonals claimed that they sell 75 burgers per second of every minute, of every hour and of everyday of the year. Based on these figures, that’s 14,000 cows per day.

Despite the money made, fast food workers earn between $6.80 and $7.90 per hour, with little increase for experience. So, this is the lowest median paying jon in the US. And ofcourse they cant expect tip from it.

Tipping Tips

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